Terms & Conditions

  1. Company information
    Goodztar AB is registered in Sweden under the following address: Goodztar AB,
    Drottninggatan 37 411 14 Göteborg, Sweden Contact: info@goodztar.com Goodztar AB
    Org. reg#: 559238-6501 VAT#: SE559238650101
  2. Purchase
    When you, as a consumer, place an order at www.goodztar.com or www.goodztar.se you will enter into a binding purchase agreement with Goodztar AB once the delivery confirmation is sent to you. You must be over 18 years old or having received permission from your parents or legal guardians for the agreement to be legally binding.
    You will receive an order confirmation when the order is placed automatically. Any changes to the order, and/or when the order is shipped, an updated delivery confirmation will be done manually by Goodztar.
    If you do not hear anything for a longer period than expected you can always ask for an order status by sending a request to info@goodztar.com.
  3. Products and Prices
    All prices include VAT for all countries within the EU. Shipping cost could be added and will
    be specified in the checkout before payment is done. If the price is incorrectly communicated
    in error and you realised, or should have realised that the prize was incorrect, the price will
    not apply to the purchase. The customer will be contacted and offered to either cancel
    the order or send back the item purchased or pay the difference and keep the order or item
    already received.
    All products are presented in the best possible way in the descriptions and on the photos
    that we present on our site. However, there might be some differences in colors and in the
    finish that has to do with image quality or display settings or even in some cases the product
    material which for example could be made to look old.
  4. Shipment and delivery
    Currently Goodztar will deliver only to countries within the European Union (except Cyprus). Therefore these Terms & Conditions will only apply for the countries within the European Union. For customers from outside the EU interested in purchasing any items from Goodztar please send an inquiry to info@goodztar.com and we will do our best to assist you. Please also note that we do not deliver to islands or other places which do not have fixed bridge connections or where global freight companies normally do not deliver.
    Depending on the item ordered is in stock or out of stock the delivery period will vary from 2
    to 14 business days. Our ambition is to have parts of our marketed products in stock but we
    will not have all. For the products that are not in our stock we will simply order them
    immediately after receiving your order. We will send an order confirmation followed by a
    shipment confirmation where we will estimate a planned delivery date. Will there be any
    delays or any other events that will affect the order we will send you an updated order
    information. Will the product for any reason no longer be available from the supplier we will
    of course refund your payment in full. The delivery cost is free within the entire EU (where we will normally ship, see exceptions above) if the order amount is over 1000 SEK or 100 EUR depending on currency selected. If the order amount is below these levels a fixed shipping cost is added for each currency of 75 SEK or 8 EUR.
  5. Payments
    We offer Card payments with VISA or Mastercard debit/credit card for all markets. The payment is charged directly after completing your order. For Sweden invoice is added as an alternative payment option. The payment service provider partner we use is Nets. Please find their Terms and Conditions here.
    Goodztar’s intention to offer the best and most efficient payment solutions for all customers. Therefore we will add additional payment options in the near future. The most important thing is however that the payment option we offer is safe and convenient for you as a customer. If you like to suggest your preferred payment options please send to info@goodztar.com .
    Goodztar, and the payment providers, reserve the right to choose which payment methods
    we offer at any given time.
    Discount codes/coupons – If you have received a discount code/coupon please know that it
    cannot be combined with any other campaigns or discounts. Also if the code/coupon is
    personal you may not share it.
  6. Right of withdrawal
    According to EU consumer protection law, consumers in the EU have the right to withdraw
    from a contract within 14 days from the day that you, or a person specified by you, have
    received the product.
    When you have received the package, you can open the package and review the product to
    the extent necessary to determine its nature, characteristics, and function. You then have
    the right to withdraw from the purchase and receive reimbursement according to the sections below. This right is conditional upon you notifying us of such intent within a 14 days’
    withdrawal period from the day you received the product.
    How to make a withdrawal
    If you want to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must notify us before the expiry of the
    withdrawal period. You can contact us via info@goodztar.com. You may also use the standard form to exercise the right of withdrawal that you find here .
    You must return the package within 14 days and you must pay for the return shipping.
    Your reimbursement
    We fully reimburse you for any product if you decide to withdraw your purchase. However,
    we reserve the right to deduct a sum by which the value of the product has been reduced if
    you have used the product more than necessary to establish its nature, characteristics, and
    function. Such deduction is made according to the value of the product upon return
    compared to the original value. Normally we will reimburse the payments no later than 14 days from the date we received your notification stating that you want to exercise your right of withdrawal. However, no reimbursement will be made until we have received the product or you have showed that the product has been returned. Reimbursement will be made to you by the same payment method as you chose during the checkout process, unless there is any hindrance to such reimbursement or unless otherwise agreed.
  7. Complaints
    If there is something wrong with your product, you can lodge a complaint according to the
    mandatory consumer protection laws and regulations active in the country in which you
    In order to file an efficient complaint, we recommend that you contact us at info@goodztar.com. You must file your complaint as soon as possible after discovering the defect.
    When we have received the product from you and have established that the complaint is valid and acceptable, we will replace the product in accordance with applicable legislation.
    This means we will either rectify the defect or send a new product. If neither of these options
    are possible we will instead reimburse you. Be aware that we have the right to deny a
    complaint if it turns out that the product is not defective in accordance with current
  8. Miscellaneous
    We are a Swedish company with our head office in Sweden. Therefore, both Swedish and
    EU regulations apply. However, you always have the right to use the consumer rights in your
    country of residence. This means that we will always comply with mandatory consumer
    protection laws in your country of residence. We do not have any intention to exclude or limit
    such rights by these Terms.
  9. About these Term
    We can change these Terms, but the Terms you accept when you make your purchase will
    always apply to that purchase. Our current Terms are at all times published on our website
    and any changes will apply to you first when you accept the new Terms, i.e. if you make
    another purchase.
  10. Governing law and disputes
    You can always contact an alternative dispute resolution service in your country of
    residence. In cases of any dispute we will follow the submitted recommendations from such
    organisation. To access the alternative dispute resolution service in your country, please
    click here . Since we have our head office in Sweden, you can also contact the alternative
    dispute resolution service in Sweden, called the Swedish National Board for Consumer
    Disputes. You can contact them via their website or by sending a letter to Box 174, 101 23
    You may also lodge a complaint at the European Commission’s platform for online dispute
    resolution (the “ODR platform”) which you may access here .
    Notwithstanding the foregoing, any dispute may also be settled at any competent court in
    your country of residence.
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